29 Pre-Workout Ingredients and Effective Doses

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Why do I need to know these?

If you’re not already checking the ingredient doses of your supplements – you NEED to start.

The vast majority supplement companies are taking advantage of YOUR lack of knowledge of effective ingredients and their doses.

Using tricks like proprietary blends, and including ingredients in minimal amounts, supplement companies are lining their pockets with your naivety.

Protect yourself, and use this simple checklist next time you buy a pre-workout, to make sure you get your money’s worth.

1. Agmatine

Few formal studies in humans, especially for “pumps”.

Effective doses for pumps from the majority of anecdotal evidence are about 500-1000mg.

For reducing pain: 2670mg per day (1).

For depression: 2000-3000mg (2).

2. Arginine

6000mg for pumps and endurance (3), but unreliable.

3. Beta Alanine

4500-4800mg for anaerobic endurance (4, 5).

4. Betaine

2500mg for power output (6).

5. Caffeine

200mg for wakefulness is adequate.

Effects top out at about 450mg (more accurately 5mg/kg) – especially for athletic performance (7).

6. Carnitine (ALCAR)

About 2000mg for concentration (8).

7. Carnitine (GPLC)

4500mg for power and work capacity (9, 10).

8. Carnitine (Tartrate)

4000mg for work output (11).

9. Choline Bitartrate

No effect on exercise or cognitive performance (12, 13).

10. CDP-Choline

250mg for attention and focus (14).

11. Alpha-GPC Choline

600mg for power (15).

12. Citrulline (Malate)

6000-8000mg for pumps, endurance, and blood flow (16, 17).

13. Cocoa Extract

500mg of polyphenols for mood (18).

14. Creatine

5000mg for strength and power (19).

15. Dicaffeine Malate

1.33x caffeine dose. (Dicaffeine malate is 75% caffeine).

16. GABA

May not be effective in any dose (highly regulated by the body).

Growth hormone may be increased with 3000-5000mg (20).

17. Glycerol

700-4000mg for pumps and vascularity (21, 22).

18. Hordenine

50mg for energy, and mood via MAO inhibition (citation needed).

19. Huperzine-A

50-200mcg for attention and memory (note micrograms) (23, 24).

20. N-Phenethyldimethylamine (Eria Jarensis Extract)

125mg twice daily is the standard dose used in supplements, for mood and stimulant effects (25).

21. Nitrates

500mg for pumps and endurance (26).

22. Ornithine

2000mg for reducing perception of fatigue (27).

23. Rhodiola Rosea

100-400mg daily, for reducing fatigue (28, 29).

24. Taurine

Unknown (feel free to suggest doses and sources).

May improve cell volume and reduce cramping from fat burners.

25. Theanine

200mg for relaxation without sedation, and focus. Larger doses are commonly used to equal a caffeine dose (around 350-400mg in pre workouts) (30, 31).

26. Theobromine

250mg for mood, cognition, and insulin sensitivity (32, 33).

27. Tyrosine

2000-8000mg for reducing cortisol and improving concentration under stress (34, 35).

28. Velvet Bean (Mucuna Pruriens)

5000mg dried bean, for mood and subjective wellbeing (check L-DOPA extract percentage) (36).

29. Yohimbine

10mg twice daily on an empty stomach for fat-burning effects.
Insulin release negates any effects from yohimbine (37).

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