How to make your own Legion Pulse Pre-Workout!

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The Perfect Template

You now know that not all pre-workouts are created equal.

But wow – the good ones can get a bit expensive, especially if you’re taking 5 or 6 servings a week!

So how about making your own? You get the privilege of controlling the doses, and you can choose exactly what effects you want to get out of it. High stim, no stim, super pumps, crazy focus – it’s all up to you!

For this little project, we’re going to replicate Legion Pulse. It’s an amazing pre-workout, with one of our best reviews to date. We love Pulse because it’s a straight-forward formula, and Legion Athletics have gone out of their way to make sure they provide a clinically effective dose of each and every ingredient.

Our Ingredient Lineup

To save money, we’ll buy our ingredients individually, in bulk.

For each dose we will need:

The amounts we’re buying here aren’t quite in the perfect ratios. However, if we’re going for long-term use it will be easy to get the ratios right with no wasted product.

You can buy powdered caffeine from other sources, but it looks like only tablets are available via Amazon.

This is probably the safer option when making your own pre-workout, since there’s no risk of overdosing it if you miscalculate the measurements.

Putting it Together

Now that you’ve got all your ingredients together, you’re ready to mix it up!

To keep it nice and simple, we’re going to make a 100-serve tub.

Using an accurate pair of scales, combine the following into an old, empty protein tub:

– 800g Citrulline Malate
– 480g Beta Alanine
– 250g Betaine
– 220g L-Ornithine
– 35g L-Theanine
– 1-2 tsp Cinnamon

The cinnamon is added to act as a mixing indicator – since the powder is brightly colored, it will stand out in the rest of the ingredients, and show us if we have mixed the ingredients enough.

Place the lid on the protein tub, and shake for a solid minute.

Have a look to see if our cinnamon is thoroughly mixed in – if not, keep shaking, or stir the ingredients up further using a tablespoon.

Since your caffeine is safely tucked away in capsule form, remember to take 2 of these along with each serving of your pre-workout. This is a 400mg dose as opposed to the 350mg found in the original Pulse, which is a slight extra kick.

A serving of your new home-made Pulse will be 17.85 grams. Find a old scoop that will hold about this much powder, and test it with some scales.

You Just Saved Yourself $250!

Doing the math, our very own Legion Pulse will come out to just under $1 a serving (assuming no wastage of leftover ingredients).

Compare this to the $1.90 per serve for the original.

If you take your pre-workout 5 days a week, over the course of a year you would have saved yourself almost $250!

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