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We do not recommend taking more than 1 serving, due to the high caffeine content.

Pre-JYM, Simplified

Pre-JYM is a pre-workout supplement by Jim Stoppani.

It prides itself on a robust formula, aiming for the inclusion of a range of ingredients at the proven effective doses.

Jim Stoppani is a well-known researcher and bodybuilding.com contributor, who received his doctorate in exercise physiology from the University of Connecticut.


  • 3 cups of coffee’s worth of caffeine per scoop


  • L-Tyrosine – Improves mood and focus (great dose)
  • Caffeine – Improves alertness and motivation (good dose)
  • Huperzine-A – Improves focus and cognition (good dose)
  • Alpha-GPC Choline – May improve cognition and mood (good dose)

Huperzine-A and Alpha-GPC Choline may have a synergistic effect, boosting and preserving acetylcholine levels (the “learning” neurotransmitter).


  • Citrulline Malate – Improves endurance via Nitric Oxide production (optimal dose)
  • Alpha-GPC Choline – Improves power output
  • Betaine – Improves power output and endurance
  • Caffeine – Can increase power output and endurance at dose provided
  • Creatine HCl – Increases power output and endurance via increased ATP energy (good dose)
  • Beta Alanine – Improves endurance by delaying fatigue (good dose)
  • Beet Extract – Improves endurance via Nitric Oxide production

Pre-JYM supplies a huge range of performance-boosting ingredients, mostly at effective doses. This covers many bases for increasing strength and endurance for effective workouts.

Creatine HCl is claimed to require a smaller dose than the usual monohydrate (3-5g), but research has not proved this.

The beta-alanine dose is low, but this may be to prevent the tingling sensation felt with larger doses.

The amount of beet extract in a serving doesn’t provide enough nitrates to have a significant effect.


  • Citrulline Malate – Increases pumps via Nitric Oxide production (optimal dose)
  • Creatine – Can increase cell volume (good dose)
  • Taurine – May increase cell volume (poor dose)
  • Beet Extract – Improves pumps via nitric oxide production (poor dose)

The creatine and beet extract servings are too small to make much impact in this category.


  • BCAAs (6g) – Reduces muscle breakdown during workouts; increases growth and repair
  • Piperine – May increase the absorption of the other ingredients
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine – May reduce fatigue (studies say this effect is small)

Pre-JYM gives you a dose of BCAAs that you’d typically find in a pure BCAA product – basically giving you the benefit of two supplements in one, which is a huge bonus.

We’re giving Pre-JYM 2 bonus points for saving us from buying a whole BCAA supplement.


Pre-JYM definitely lives up to the hype in terms of its ingredient profile.

A variety of proven ingredients are included at effective doses, resulting in an off-the-chart score for performance, and a maxed out rating for pumps!

Scores for stimulants and mood/focus are also above average.

The extra 6g of BCAAs and added Piperine for increased absorption make Pre-JYM even more appealing.

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